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Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting Rid of Mind-Sets

"I don't do blogs."
The words stung. Especially when my friend didn't even comment on the blog I'd copied and attached to my e-mail. Then I remembered how, back a while, she'd said, "I don't do e-mails," but now she was doing them freely. I'm even guilty myself of drawing lines in the sand when it comes to technology. I would, if I could, turn back the bells and whistles on my cell phone. "I don't do texting. I don't take pictures. I don't want to slide my fingers over the screen. I just want a plain telephone that I can punch in numbers and then talk!" Salespeople are taken a-back.

"Oh, but just look at what you can do on this phone!" And then they begin to click, click, click, slide, slide slide, and point, point, point. I'm lost! I want to scream.

It's great, however, to have a savvy young person in your life to call on when you run into road blocks. That person is Katie, my granddaughter. See this picture? She helped me put it on this blog. It's one she took with her can-do-everything cellphone, sent to me in an e-mail and got it onto this page. She'll show me, slow motion, how to do this myself and one more line in the sand will have been washed away.

For now I just want to show you the bowl of potted flowers I bought at Home Depot yesterday. It sits on my patio and thanks me. It may not last too long but its final days will be spent in paradise. And the photo, taken at its prime will last how long? As long as I want. I bought a jasmine plant yesterday too and it will provide, along with my gardenia plant, fragrance for the patio. I'm an out-door type of gal and I only wish I could be out there right now, but guess what, it's raining! Not hard. Just a gentle soft rain that doesn't even patter, patter.

For now the only sounds are the click of the keys on my keyboard, the waterfall outside on the creek, and the chirping of a wild bird. Now, if Tommy would start his solo, my moment would be complete. See you soon and from now on, I hope I can get the hang of putting pictures on the page. Where's Katie?


  1. Beautiful picture to add to your blog, Grandma. :)

    Luv u!


  2. Thanks, Honey! So good to know you are tuning in to my blog. I have the flowers picture on my computer screen and every time it pops up I have to smile.

    Say, another subject: Katie's job was only a temp one and she'll be looking for new work. I'm going to write you an e-mail about that right now 'cause I have an idea.

    Love, Grandma