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Monday, July 22, 2013

"Ascending Years" vs. "Declining Years"

Since the day of my birth I’ve been getting closer to the day of my death. Not a happy thought, that, but I’ve come up with another idea and here it is: My birth was something others witnessed, not me. Therefore might it not prove that the day of my death is something others, and not I, shall observe? I, the real I that existed before the conception of others, was somewhere above the event of my birth and I didn’t become drawn in until I was persuaded by my senses that I needed Earth's school. My parents were the first to teach me how to get into step on the human trip. The Bible speaks of this earthly place as the "Valley of the Shadow of Death" and charts a Way to get through it. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, ministers, teachers, classmates, relatives, friends, - all these plus books and daily life have made my trip quite easy and happy.  

I’ve been blessed to get through the sorry events of my life by the comfort of knowing that only the good is real. That is the truth but a truth not known or accepted by most and I still need to get rid of a lot of baggage, some of which has been foisted on me by common beliefs, superstitions and lies not yet uncovered by truth. I’m seeing that I need to get a higher view of Life and here in my old age I’m getting more serious about that. It's too easy to slip into the errors of the ages, especially when they are appealing. I've been often lax in standing up for what is absolutely true. I’m working on it though and seeking greater wisdom. For what it’s worth to my readers, here’s what I’m coming up with, a simple statement from The Holy Bible to start the ball rolling:
“Ye are the light of the world.” Matt. 5

I can hear someone saying, "You mean I'm not a flesh and blood bodily creature? Not in the thing that turns to dust? I am light? I’ll  have to get used to that idea!" 

Well, here's how I see it so far:

1.   We are all beams of spiritual, (not material) light coming from the "Father of lights," our divine source. 

2.   Light travels in cycles. Even in the world of material belief there is no such thing as a straight line. I was taught that in elementary school. So we are destined to come back to where we started sooner or later.

3.   Our light sees a fragile and imperfect image of ourselves and all else on Earth because mankind has not yet completely come out of the fog of ignorance, but it is making progress.  

4.   Our light reflects the image we see of ourselves and others, an image sometimes distorted by fear, hate, envy, pride, etc. This imperfect view of a perfect creation needs to be corrected, and that's why we're made of divine light. We must learn more of what and who we are and carry out our purpose in life. That's why we're here.  As we draw closer to the Light that gives us light, Truth overcomes misconceptions and grace gives us more light for the ascending path. When we reach Home, called Heaven by some, we are given a grade for our sojourn here. That determines the further work we need to do in the illumination of goodness and truth. Heaven, (that’s a state of Mind's harmony, not a physical place,) can be experienced only when we're in tune with it. Sabbath rests await us for our efforts as we grow spiritually. Then we get sent out again on other cycles to go through the "Valley of the Shadow"and do an even better job. 

5.   I don't see these cycles as having anything to do with time or space. They are purely metaphysical. Each cycle of our light is declared relatively “good,” depending on the good we bring Home, and when we come Home with lessons learned and work well done, we can stay in our heavenly Home to explore more of reality and prepare for the next cycle.

"Declining years?" I choose to call them my ascending years. Every day I pray for more light to figure out who I am, where I am, what I’m here for and what I should shine on. This enables me to help others as well as myself and I work to cross through the mythical straight lines of birth-leading-to-death and stay on the cycle of divine light. 

I think my beam is heading upward now. How many cycles have I made? I don’t know, but with each one I’m learning more and someday I expect to get Home and stay there! Then I shall hear the judgment of not just "good," but “Very good!”

I'm not alone. I'm learning how to see friends, relatives, all others, even enemies, as well as myself, the way we've always been in our Father's eyes, perfect. However more "years" it takes I'll work and pray to stay on the path of ascending light. "Declining years?" No way!

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