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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tapping Into Knowledge

From the very start I have loved schoolrooms. But I don't mean only the ones with four walls, a door and blackboard, although those would have to be included in my affections. I simply want to learn in the easiest way possible. Good teachers are essential along with libraries and educational media. My problem is that I can't get beyond the initial peeks. I get side-tracked and before long my house is littered with partially read books, magazines, newspapers, CD's, DVD's and the contents of the daily mail delivery.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm interested in nearly everything but not to the point of giving many things a careful, dedicated uninterrupted study on a daily basis. I'd like to be able to glance at a book and take in its pertinent points without giving it the time required for reading it through. One exception to that is the savoring of a good novel in which I can lose myself to another life. But for sheer knowledge I'm lazy about what others have written. Sit me down with a pad and pen or in front of a computer and my tapping-in to ideas opens a way for sorting out the problems of life apart from academia.

I just this morning read that the Bible is still the world's best selling book and, for me, I find moments to explore its treasures every day. Like a cozy fireplace, where no wood-burning fire is identical to another, I can sit and ponder passages I've read hundreds of times before and get new meaning out of them. Then again I've found answers to deep questions in simple statements that come undocumented and anonymous that give me great insight and inspiration. One such thought is this: "God is that Being whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere." I don't know who first uttered that idea, but it suits me just fine to think that God's center is right where I am at any given moment and yet unconfined to a personal me. It gives me a sense of intimacy and the feeling that the reason God is so hard to explain is that his Being is too close to examine objectively. Yet the idea that this is true for everyone and that even the stars and planets and galaxies can't provide a circumference for God's being,  lends a sense of infinite pleasure, purpose and progress to life.

I like the name Mind for God and the definition above indicates that God is my mind, but as divine Mind, God is still relatively unknown to me or anyone. That's why I don't get disturbed by anyone claiming to not believe in God. The proof for or against is up to us and we have a choice as to which side we'd like to come down on.

Still, I know enough of this Mind that I can feel totally comfortable with it. I can feel a relationship with it that might be similar to a Mother and Father's where there is total acceptance and love such as a very young child might feel. No requirement, no daily assignments, no pressure to grow and learn, just daily acceptance of the circumstances whereby growth and learning can take place.

Tapping In is what I call my favorite occupation, even though I have a long way to go in order to get more than the milk of what is there.


  1. Tapping in might imply, not hooking up to receive something you don't have, but to unfold something into consciousness that has always been there waiting to be discovered. One of our favorite authors talks about the distinction between unfoldment and accretion stating in a beautifully alliterative phrase of the process, " manifests no material growth from molecule to mind, but an impartation of the divine Mind to man and the universe." Now THAT'S something to think about for more than a few moments! And speaking of being in the moment, I'm looking forward to what you have to say in your NEXT blog!! :-)

  2. Discoverd your delightful blog today! Thanks for writing, I love it! Am helping my 84 year old Mother with some life transitions, will be sharing with her too. keep up the great work, your an inspiration!

  3. This is the story which I printed and took to Tuto Fresco (best Olive Oil in the world) when my husband and i went to eat there the other night. I read it aloud to him before the meal came and he and i both savoured the spiritual message. It spured us to talk about our own feelings and thougths about God. Somehow, this story made that Italian meal even better as we walked out full of good food -- the kind you see and the kind you dont. Thank you , Joyce for your gentle wisdom. xo, Juile