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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

There's A Baby In The House

He’s five months old and his name is Julian Daniel Altman, Katie Altman’s child, but soon to be adopted by her sister, Erin and Erin’s partner Rachel. He will then call Erin “Mama” and Rachel, “Mommy.” From the time he was born until he goes to Oakland to be with Erin and Rachel he’s been in his Grandma Robin’s charge. Katie loves him dearly but can’t take care of him. The father is not able to take care of him either. 

If you knew little Julian you’d be so happy to know that Katie did not listen to the many people that thought he should be aborted. He is a darling! He belongs now to his mother’s family. All of us. And he’s such a joy! He smiles at anyone who smiles at him. Not just an obligatory smile, but a real loving smile that tugs at your heart.

Katie will be able to see him whenever she can get up to Oakland where Erin and Rachel live. She’ll be known to him as her “Tummy Mom.”  

He has another auntie who is Auntie Jenny. She has a boy of her own named Jack who is between three and four years old. The other day some children were telling about their brothers and sisters and Jack, after looking rather sad, soon brightened up and said proudly, “I have a cousin, and his name is Julian!”

In my house Julian has his own bedroom next to Grandma Robin’s bedroom. When he wakes up in the morning, Robin brings him in to my bedroom where I give him his morning bottle. From then on he’s in Robin’s care. She is so good to him and for him. She bathes him every day and he loves it. She knows just what he needs when he cries and what he doesn’t need, like being picked up constantly. But he doesn’t cry a lot. He’s a happy little guy most of the time.

For me Julian has been a lovely addition to my home. He has brought my daughter here too and she is a lovely addition to my home. We’ll miss him when he’d gone to Oakland but we’re happy he will be in the loving care of his auntie mother and her lovely partner, Rachel. They’ve been wanting to have a child but didn’t know just how best to bring that about. Julian is a godsend to them. 

No one can predict the future but I’m betting on little Julian to be a kind, loving, and successful addition to the world. I may not live long enough to see this but I’m sure it will be so. Maybe if I’m good enough I’ll get to be appointed one of his guardian angels. What a joy that will be to his Great Grandma Joy!


  1. All the great grandkids love their "GG Joy!!" And the rest of us do too!! :-)

  2. Love your progressive thinking..lm sure it's what has helped to keep you 'young'!

  3. Love your progressive thinking..lm sure it's what has helped to keep you 'young'!

  4. I so enjoy your stories, Joyce. I wish you and Robin could come back to writing class. Jane and I are signed up for Thursday afternoon Writers Circle. It doesn't begin until March and it's not to late to register! Your writing is music to my ears. Keep 'em coming! Love, Julie Tully

  5. too late not to late! Do you remember Fran? She may join the class, too. I went to lunch with Fran and Jane and we talked about how you and Robin are missed. Happy Valentines Day! If there was ever someone who represented unconditional love, it's you, the epitome of a real Valentine.

  6. p.s. I'll bet you have a Valentine's story brewing and ready to write. I'll watch for it!! XO, Julie

  7. DearJoyce I'm finally here! I noticed that Robin had mentioned you had blogged about a new baby in the house on her Facebook page and put up a link. You have such a precious gift for sharing your love and inspiration in so few but perfect words. Julian is truly a blessing for all of you and he is blessed to be so loved and nurtured by such an exceptional family. It's really funny to see my lifetime girlfrien referred to ad Grandma Robin. I'm looking forward to hearing Grandma Shirley someday.
    I'm now going to catch up and read as many of your blog posts as I can. Better go plug my little smart phone in for awhile first though!
    Sending you warm highs and kisses 💕Shirley