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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trying To Understand

I can’t tell you how the heavens and our Earth were formed. I have read, of course, about several theories scientists agree on at present, one which is known as the Big Bang. I hesitate to argue with anyone about it. Why? Because I simply don’t understand it. I do find it hard though to believe that something comes from nothing. To me, that’s like saying there can be an effect without a cause, ideas without a mind. 

Things like that are interesting to consider, ponder, discuss and wonder about, but I doubt that the absolute truth of the universe will be secured by a number of human minds and brains any more than a colony of ants could hope to define the Eiffel Tower by the consensus of their tiny brains, if they even have brains.

As long as we mortals think we have our own little minds we’ll come up with our own little answers. If, however, there is one infinite Mind and we’re able to lock into it, think what we may have a chance to understand! 

So, what triggered this post? I’ll tell you what. It was Facebook. The virtues and vices of Facebook can be argued. I got on it with the recommendation of my kids and can say I enjoy it up to a point. Keeping in touch with friends and family that way is good. Pictures are good too, if all of that time can’t be put to better use. 

What I find offensive, however, is the use of Facebook for initiating arguments over politics, religion, (or the denial of religion) and personal conflicting opinions. Not that there shouldn’t be a place for these. I’m not one to forbid certain subjects such as the old warning to avoid discussing politics, religion and women. The cardinal rules in pursuing these subjects, however, should, in my book, be respect, courtesy, charity and humility. Maybe someone should start a companion to Facebook for more serious discussion. Could it be called “Thinkbook?” It could even help to end wars and bring about world peace if used to understand, if not agree with, beliefs different from our own. 

In the meantime wouldn’t it be refreshing if there were no put-downs or shout-outs? The simple fact is that what is true will survive and what is false will not. That is inevitable. Nothing we say or believe will alter that. The more understanding of one another’s views and less judgmental arguments against them could use a formula we find as plain as the nose on our faces: 
two eyes, two ears and one mouth

Oh, and an honest and loving heart big enough to embrace everyone’s better self. 

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  1. On every Facebook entry, over to the right of the first line, there is a faint little downward pointing V symbol. And if you click on that, a menu will open up giving you options from erasing that post to reporting it as spam, or just saying you don't want to see anything from the person who posted that entry again! It can keep offending posts off your Facebook account if you use it.