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Friday, March 14, 2014

What Shall I Say?

To begin with I’ll tell anyone who may have been missing my blogs lately:
  1. There was a reason for it, - I was suddenly thrust out of town.
  2. The reason?  No need to relate for you, easier for me to forget. 
  3. Good news: I'm in my new home now and loving it! (e-mail me for the address if you want.)
  4. I’m grateful to God and to all my well-wishers.
Sorry to be so vague, dear fellow bloggers, but you know, too, writers get to edit their own work and I’m trying to edit my own thoughts and life as well.  There are always good lessons to learn from every experience and they may come out in some of my future blogs. 

While I was away I used to dream about coming home, but this time seemed strangely different. One can usually trace in his mind the nooks and crannies, the scents, the sounds, the familiar feelings of a place called home. After all, he’s lived there. In my case I was going home to a place I’d never lived in before, one I had chosen before my departure but one I could not remember as home.

Now I’m here and Robin is with me helping in all kinds of ways. She’s good at  unpacking. “Now do you really need this, Mom? How often do you use it?” And pulling out another small decorative thing I picked out at some thrift shop she’ll say, “Mom, you have so many of these cutesy things, don’t you think someone else might enjoy them now?” And into the box for Good Will they go. I’m here, I’m home, but this will be a more elegantly simple surrounding than I’ve been used to. No more the Old Curiosity Shop look. A new kind of home for a new life.

Tommy, my little red canary, is singing his heart out. I’d like to think he’s gotten his voice back because he’s finished molting or is happy with his new home, but I’m told it’s probably because he’s staking out his territory, telling all the other winged creatures they must keep out of his space now. I love to hear him sing. Like little Tommy Tucker, I expect him to sing for his supper. (Haven’t had a complaint from the neighbors yet.) 

Robin has finished her journal entry now and is back to sorting out the contents of packing boxes. “What on earth is this, Mom?” And, “Do you really need it?” So I’d better go. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Mom! Great to see you back in the "blogosphere!" :-) Keep up the good work, and keep taking Robin's advice on...things you don't need any more. Lotsa love!--WK